Practice Makes Perfect – Experience Makes Richer

We provide a safe space in which you can absorb inspiration, experiment, practice and reflect. Call it “training” or a “seminar.” We call it “an experience for life.”

Building Sustainable Skills

For us, training and seminars are important anchors and free spaces in everyday work, offering an opportunity to absorb inspiration, gain experience, try out new things, reflect and interact with fellow participants in a protected setting. But the path does not end with training. As the latest findings show, sustainable learning only works through continuous repetition, in everyday life, on the job.

That is why we always create a stimulating and long-term connection between training content and your own work context. Learning goes into production with the aid of peers and buddies, coaches, and moderators.

That is how you can transfer the new into the old and acquire lasting skills you will need on a daily basis.


Training is the art of furnishing others with experience they can use to access their resources and further develop their skills.

It is about time for greater flexibility with full impact: Our training offers

In a co-creative process we map out holistic learning journeys for you that appeal to all senses and all approaches to learning. We are happy to work with you to develop curricula for use in your in-house education and training. Learning paths that feature a blended learning approach have proven particularly effective in our experience. We combine in-person or virtual training courses with self-organized learning in the Flourister App.

Physical In-House Training

We come to you. Or you can pick a nice place where we can work completely free from disruption. Even in a pandemic, there are many ways to get together safely and without contact. We will be happy to help you choose the location and implement hygiene regulations.

Virtual In-House Training

The contagion-free alternative is gaining ground. We have already had a lot of good experience in this area and can flexibly adapt to you and the systems you prefer. Experiential learning can be performed virtually as well. Although perhaps less intense, it is effective, nonetheless.

Social Learning App

A training course in your pocket – on the job, wherever and whenever you want. We map training content as learning journeys in the Flourister app. You and your learning peers work through the content together, reinforcing one another along the way. The app keeps us in touch with you.

Strengthening Resilience

Hold steady and find inner strength as a leader in difficult times. Help your own team unlock and develop their own resilience potential at the same time. How does this work?


In training, you will deal with this precise aspect, reflecting on your own inner strengths, discovering unimagined resources, and practicing making others strong.


We offer training in resilience development for your employees as well. Support them systematically through crisis situations and transformation processes.

Agile and Confident Leadership

In settings characterized by VUCA, one of the biggest challenges for good leadership is to strike a balance between providing certainty or orientation, on the one hand, and agile thinking and action on the other.


In this training session, you will reflect on what this means for your personal leadership style. How do you yourself deal with unforeseen events? What are your sources of certainty?


At the same time, you will develop authentic strategies to open up a safe space in which your team – even working in turbulent times – can respond flexibly, find creative solutions, and develop their talents to the fullest.

Facilitating Change

More than ever before, changes are a part of working life. As a manager, project manager, HR official or organizational developer, you are called on to initiate and assist with changes yourself.


During training, you develop an understanding of the dynamics and emotions involved in change processes, familiarize yourself with theories and tools to moderate these effectively, develop communication strategies for change and practice dealing with typical tricky situations.


In in-house training, we can specifically address the features specific to your organization and its culture.

Leading and Communicating Authentically

In a world that is growing increasingly transparent, authentic leadership and communication are core competencies. People have always had a good sense for the “genuine.” They are increasingly unlikely to forgive violations.


To be credible, you have to know yourself well and have a clear inner orientation on which your behavior is based. This makes you a dependable and predictable partner for your employees.


During training, you explore your own values, attitudes, and beliefs, observing your own behavior and receiving valuable feedback from fellow participants. You continue to develop your personal style of leadership and practice coherent communication.

Practicing and Promoting Diversity

Diverse teams are more successful. So much has since been proven. And yet we unconsciously tend to surround ourselves with people similar to us.


How do you overcome your own bias? And what can you do, in your role, to create more diversity in your organization?


During training, you will explore your own unconscious preferences and prejudices. You will experience how inspiring diversity is, familiarize yourself with tools for promoting diversity and try them out.

Co-Determination on an Equal Footing

In an environment more and more demanding fast reactions and flexible work design companies can not allow for long lasting alignment processes with works councils or even blockades caused by undissolved conflicts.


To build a constructive collaboration on an equal footing with works councils and staff associations of your organization you might put effort in strengthening the members of your works council by increasing their ability to reflect as well as their leadership skills.


In our trainings tailored to the needs of works councils its members reflect their role perception, improve communication and project management skills, practice how to lead committees and negotiate focused on interest, or experience what is needed to accompany change processes.