Coping Organization – Stable and Agile through Holistic Resilience

Highly networked, agile and innovative organizations are considered the winners of the future. But they also need to have a solid foundation. How does that fit together? We work with you to find individual answers for your organization.

Organizations that include resilience among their strategic goals are at a clear advantage: In the future, we will increasingly have to adapt more quickly to surprising changes and trends, accelerated technological development, intensified international competition and other unforeseeable events.

It is therefore high time to build a healthy organization that will remain stable and agile – even under pressure and in a volatile setting. But how can that be accomplished?

We are convinced: Resilience is largely a question of attitude and culture; at the same time, it is an expression of healthy, adaptable structures and processes. This is because only in a setting that fosters resilience can the people working there evolve their resilience and put it to profitable use.

This is why we consistently link personal with organizational resilience, so you can make your organization holistically resilient.

Personal and organizational resilience are two sides of the same coin.

Forster a Culture Promoting Resilience

The path to an organizational culture that promotes resilience begins with reflection: Which purpose do we share? How do we deal with uncertainty and errors? How do we share knowledge and skills? The strength arises in the “We” created through dialog.

Create Agile Structures and Processes

Whenever the going gets difficult, the structures and processes in place should remain steadfast. At the same time, unforeseen changes call for quick adaptation. Structures and processes adapt flexibly with the aid of agile planning in firmly installed, iterative cycles.

Boosting Individual Resilience

Sustainable performance requires a high level of resilience on the part of individual employees: But people can test and grow their resilience only if the organization simultaneously provides security and an incentive to change.

How Can Culture Promote Resilience?

Organizations that live in a culture that promotes resilience…


  • make it possible to resonate with one’s own work through creation of meaning, contribution of value and co-creation
  • offer orientation and security through transparency and authenticity
  • afford autonomy by strengthening self-organization and personal responsibility
  • ensure and incentivize knowledge transfer
  • develop an awareness for trends and risks and promote innovation
  • view errors as opportunities and offer fields containing scope for development and experimentation
  • reward openness, courage and creativity

How Do You Design Resilient Organizational Structures and Processes?

Working within the secure framework we create for you, with agile organizational design, you design structures and processes that fulfill the sense and promote the purpose of your organization. The design is reviewed and adapted in iterative processes that are stably and dependably repeated at regular intervals.


This works for areas as diverse as e.g. product development, sales or strategic human-resources planning.


We employ a variety of methods such as elements from Scrum and Lean Management, different Canvases, Theory U, Systemic Constellations or Design Thinking. In co-creation, we develop structures and processes that suit your organization – now and in the future.

How Do You Strengthen Individual Resilience?

If you think a few trending measures in occupational health management – such as yoga instruction, ergonomics consulting and the fruit basket for everyone – are all it takes, we have to disappoint you. These are all good ideas. But they alone will not lead to inner strength.


The most effective way to strengthen your employees’ individual resilience is through good leadership. The trick is to convey psychological security and encourage experimentation at the same time. Only people who dare to try new things and take risks will learn to deal with the unforeseeable.


You can heighten your managers’ awareness, train them as resilience coaches and give them an opportunity to experiment for themselves.

We Strengthen You and Your Organization

Building resilience is a very individual path on which we will be glad to join you through…


  • clarification of shared sense and purpose
  • development of a stable, agile organizational framework
  • clear alignment with values
  • cultural development: reflection, dialog and co-creation
  • development of diversity strategies
  • 3-step resilience leadership coaching Conscious Leader
  • resilience training for teams
  • training in approaches to uncertainty and change
  • resilience coaching for executives and employees

Talk to us! We will gladly prepare an individual offer tailored to you and your organization.


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