What Makes Us a Team?

We share a dream. The only way we can make it come true is to join forces. Using these connections to change the world a bit, in lots of different places.

All of us at autenticon have a similar idea of what the working world of tomorrow should look like, and how we intend to change it today. And that is what makes us a team: We work together on our dream. And create reality in the process.

Maren Borggräfe – Founder and CEO

As a scholar in the humanities, I boldly started a business career. After three years in a corporate group, it was clear to me: I need to investigate the phenomenon of culture in greater detail! The research work into the design of an authentic corporate culture led me to the consulting field: And in 2010, I founded autenticon. As a systemic consultant, trainer, moderator, and coach, for more than 15 years I have facilitated many processes of personal and organizational change and gained special expertise in cultural change, leadership, resilience, and communication.
I am driven by a desire for a world of work worth living in, that allows people to develop authentically in their individuality, with all their talents and shortcomings.
My passion is to combine solid experience with a reflexive and even scientific penetration. This creates lasting insights that can be conveyed to others. My vision is to bring people and organizations together to create an organism that lives and breathes authentically.

Location: Berlin – Working languages: German, English        


Lutz Schiffel – Senior Consultant

From the beginning of my career as a personnel developer, I have been fascinated by the multilayered nature of human behavior and the complexity of group dynamics. And that fascination has never subsided.
I have been coaching and moderating for more than 20 years.
To be a sparring partner who opens up spaces for reflection, creates clarity, enables a change of perspective, gives security, motivates others to fresh new insights and capabilities – that is my passion.
I am a confidant.
I moderate team workshops in ways that activate groups and are methodologically sound.
My approach in individual coaching situations is supportive and clear.
In the process, my focus is always on helping others grow creatively.

Location: Schwäbisch Gmünd/Munich – Working language: German, English  


Dr. Anne-Grit Albrecht – Senior Consultant

With a doctoral degree in organizational psychology, I am convinced that good HR work is rooted in a stable empirical foundation, and that good research makes empirical findings available to HR practitioners. That is why connecting the two worlds is important to me.

This concern led me to professional positions in global executive development and talent & performance management in enterprises, as well as a postdoc position at the University of Mannheim, continuing through to the establishment of my own consulting firm.

I have been working at autenticon as a personnel developer, trainer and coach since 2016. It is particularly important to me to upgrade time spent in common, and to enable learning based on individual experience, resources and goals.

Location: Heidelberg – Working languages: German, English  


Ricarda Sick – Senior Consultant

The interplay of human beings and organizations takes the center stage of my professional action. Having more than 20 years of working experience in enterprise, I am now sharing my learnings as a coach, consultant, and moderator.
My focus is to encourage people, to shed light on the things that exist, to identify entrenched patterns and to disrupt these where necessary. The goal is to open others’ minds and eyes on the path to new worlds of ideas characterized by competence and determination.
To me, the path for solid work is for all the stakeholders in a particular organization to leverage shared effort and mutual support to create the foundations for achieving the goals that have been established. Characterized by approach of respect and transparency, everyone will manage to fill their organizational role with the passion. I want to be a part of that.

Location: Berlin – Working languages: German  


John Kuenzler – Senior Consultant

What design elements strengthen commitment, collective learning, innovation and the creation of meaning in social systems? What are the impulses that help companies transform and renew themselves? How do we shape skills development in the age of New Work and digitalization?

These questions inspire and guide me. As an entrepreneur and organizational psychologist, I have been leading people and organizations through change and development processes for more than 20 years. Each process, each project is unique.

Collaborating to create new framework conditions and options for action that promote collective growth and achieve lasting impact throughout the company – these are my favorite challenges. And it is really fun if the management is completely on board with the effort.

Location: Zurich – Working languages: German, English    


Dafni Bouzikou – Senior Consultant

Having obtained my degree in sports science, I developed success strategies for over ten years in Germany’s 1st Division Men’s Basketball League as the world’s first woman to coach a professional male sports team. At the same time, I pursued further training as a supervisor/coach and trainer for group dynamics.
Performance, discipline, teamwork, motivation, leadership and transparency: whether in professional sports or in business, success is based on the same fundamentals. I use this experience in my work.
For over 12 years now, I have been supporting and accompanying teams and project or work groups as well as individuals in organizations. It is important to me to reflect on work processes in the interplay between people, roles and organizational structures to find new solutions. Together, we define the specific goals of consultation based on the individual context, focus on them constructively and pursue them consistently.

Location: USA and virtual – Working languages: German, English, Greec     


Dr. Heike Faust – Senior Consultant

I have a doctorate in sports science and have been a systemic business coach for executives and management teams for over 15 years.

Sport has taught me what is important to me today: to be focused, to be able to motivate myself, to keep at it and train. To be able to work in a team and being responsible for oneself. Wanting to be successful, finding clear words, making decisions.

From today’s point of view, I exaggerated the part with finding clear words in the professional context. My former boss offered me one-on-one coaching. Although irritated I accepted. Subject of my first coaching: communication! Today I am more than grateful to my boss for this investment.

I think it’s wonderful when management teams face the dysfunctions and imbalances in the team and thrive to overcome them together. I really love supporting these processes. And when it is possible to feel and live the WE before the ME.

Location: Potsdam – Working Language: German

Juliane Naumann – Junior Consultant

In my role as a management consultant, I have supported corporations, SMEs, government organizations and start-ups in optimizing their processes and M&A projects.

Today I accompany my customers in their transformation processes as a scrum master, trainer, systemic coach and moderator.

My work is dedicated to learning, advancement and change on an individual and collective level. This includes constantly questioning the status quo of the current working world: rethinking leadership and cooperation. Working human-centered and agile. Understanding complex connections. And to develop ideas and concrete approaches, try them out or find out what does (not) work for teams and organizations.

I actively involve my customers in the collaboration and offer them a creative space for thinking, experimenting and dialogue.

Location: Munich – Working Languages: German, English, Spanish     

Isabel Viramo von Roon – Meditation Trainer

My life´s journey has led me through a variety of very different “worlds”: handicraft, fashion, medicine, long trips to India, terminal care … I am a passionate Buddhist meditator, a trauma therapist, and I love to escort spiritual travellers through the Moroccan desert.

What am I burning for? I’ve always been interested in and drawn to the limits of human experience. I love the simple life. And I like to accompany people on inner and external journeys.

Apparent opposites combine in my life and work, one of my favorite terms is “tolerance of ambiguity”. Endure that different realities apply at the same time and experience peace within them. My concern is to (re)-connect people with themselves and teach them to experience and use the power of silence, the power of the heart as a balance to a busy everyday life.

Location: Berlin – Working languages: German, English     


Ruth Seehausen – Meditation Trainer

The interdependence of people and the systems they move within has fascinated me since my study days. As an organisational psychologist I worked for an international non-profit charity, where I collaborated with multinational teams on organisational restructuring, to later take on a management position. Since then, I have been accompanying people for over 15 years as a systemic trainer, facilitator and coach specialising in team development, communication, stress reduction, meditation and compassion.
My passion is to discover and explore the diverse individual and team potential for change and development, in full consultation with my clients.
Over 30 years of intensive meditation practice rooted in Buddhist philosophy have and continue to help me support people’s growth, through authentic presence, openness and clarity.

Location: Berlin – Working languages: German, English

„For miracles, you have to pray, but for change you have to work.“
Thomas Aquinas