Connecting to Achieve Change

If we take a holistic look at our (working) world – reconnecting factors that have been artificially separated by analytical dissection, specialization and silo thinking – we can create new scope for action in which change can occur.

Re-Enchanting the World

The magical worldview of the Middle Ages held that everything was connected with everything else. Then along came the Enlightenment, and we human beings began to disassemble the world. We mapped it out, dividing it into latitudes and longitudes. We developed a variety of scientific disciplines. We developed an understanding of ourselves as individuals, on the basic assumption that we are distinguishable from and separable from the others. We thoroughly disenchanted the magical workings of the world around us.

For all the useful knowledge and skill that emerged as a result, we may have overlooked the fact that we are still connected with one another. Along with the fact that there are contingencies that put our logically trained minds to the test and at times can only be grasped with all the senses or the famous “seventh sense.”

In our thoughts and actions, we make a conscious effort to reconnect the things that have been separated. The way we do when playing “memory.” And, in this way, re-enchanting the world just a little.

„We typically assume that we are separated and ask ourselves how connections come about. Perhaps we should learn to ask the opposite question more often, in other words how, assuming that we are connected, separations, come about in the first place.“
Insa Sparrer

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