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In our blog, we constantly invoke fresh contexts and thoughts and connect these with one another. Perhaps you will find texts there that give you the courage to change. Get inspired!


Leading with Emotional Tolerance

Leading and feeling are mutually exclusive? On the contrary: Those who learn to be hosts to their own feelings, and to the feelings of employees, will open up a space for creativity and innovation.


Leadership of the Future

Which aspects and skills will become particularly relevant for leadership in the future? The online seminar entitled “Transformation Journey,” by Handelsblatt Fachmedien, begins today and offers a good overview. autenticon is represented in the seminar under the topic of resilience.


Sustaining with Resilience

The coronavirus crisis has shaken us to the core in recent months. People and organizations respond to this with different levels of resilience. Here you will learn why it is a good idea to strengthen your own resilience, particularly in this time of crisis.


Creating Space for Innovation

In a rapidly changing world, those who can quickly adapt and innovate will come out on top. Yet many organizations are governed by routine. This is often due to a culture that rewards adaptation to the system. This is certainly no way to foster revolutionary new ideas. So how do we create space for innovation?


Agile Change Management

Change is always and everywhere. This is something we’ve (almost) grown accustomed to. After all, there used to be a time when we were under the illusion of experiencing self-contained change processes. Today, the changes flow smoothly into one another. Has classic change management worn itself out?