Relationships Emerge in Conversation

Something can be real and have an impact only if it is communicated. Finding the right language is crucial in this regard. Words, images, gestures, rituals. Or perhaps eloquent silence.

Language is a treasure that contributes to value creation.

Communication is the “corporate glue” that makes organizations fit for work in the first place. We are not referring to the notorious top-down “waterfall” here. But rather open exchange and interaction on an equal footing among people who represent different levels, roles, teams, and areas sharing information, knowledge, different opinions and emotions.

Shared understanding and emotional attachments can only come about through dialog. Both of these are important requirements for achieving organizational goals.

We work with you on the efficiency and effectiveness of your communication – both within your organization and towards customers, business partners, and public. The decisive goal here is to create an authentic culture of communication in your organization – a culture that suits your purpose, vision and values and provides orientation to all the members.

“Two monologues do not make a dialog.”
Jeffrey L. Daly

We will be glad to assist you with this

  • Analyzing target groups, stakeholders, fields of communication, behavior, language & impact
  • Developing strategies & concepts for communication
  • Change communication and dialogue events
  • Developing change stories
  • Interactive workshop and conference formats, both on- and offline
  • Moderating conflict and dialog
  • Event dramaturgy
  • Conference moderation
  • Staging real & virtual communication spaces
  • Leadership communication