Strong on All Levels with autenticon – Concepts of Resilience

Connecting to yourself and others – as a leader, team or organization – is the prerequisite for resilience. Fortify yourself on all levels and combine personal, organizational and team resilience.

Resilience as a Competence

If we are resilient and agile at the same time, we can weather challenging times more effectively. The decisive factor here is not the characteristics an organization, team or person possesses but the attitude, behavior and actions taken as events unfold. Resilience is a competence that only emerges in times of stress.

This is true for all levels of a system: For the people working in it, the teams they form, and for the organization as a whole.

Axes of Resilience

As the latest research has found, what brings personal, organizational and team resilience together are the abilities to


• identify adversities at an early stage,
• foster a sense of purpose (sense-making),
• develop and implement coping strategies,
• learn and
• adapt.


We create resilient organizations by keeping all the facets of resilience in mind and linking them along these axes.


Three overarching principles guide us in this regard:


Acceptance, Resonance and Performance.


The only way to manage a crisis is to first recognize and accept it as such. We help you hone your sense of risk while at the same time developing an attitude of acceptance. If you accept the things you cannot change (yet), you will be capable of acting even in a storm. And you may even be ahead of time then.


Connecting with yourself and others strengthens you and the community around you. Contact creates a flow – not just of knowledge and information but of energy as well – between people, groups and organizations. A shared sense of purpose plays an important role in this regard.


It is the skill of actually carrying through with the ideas, concepts and strategies developed that determines their success. If you do not put it to practice, even the best solution is useless. That is what makes sustainable transfer and genuine transformation particularly important to us.

“When the winds of change blow, some people build walls and others build windmills.”
Chinese proverb

Our Offerings to Boost Your Leadership, Team, or Organizational Resilience:

Conscious Leader

If you as a leader connect with yourself, you can remain stable and adapt more effectively to new developments – even in difficult times. We create a space of safety and openness, where you can reconnect with yourself, gain new outlooks and rediscover your strengths.


How do you rediscover yourself?

Connected Team

Teams are at their most resilient when they are diverse, and their members have strong relationships with each other. We help you and your team build trust, strengthen relationships among team members and discover the treasure of diversity.


How do you create connection?

Coping Organization

Organizations can deal with crises and change most effectively if they systematically promote members’ resilience and develop adaptive structures and processes. We help you connect the two to make your organization stable and agile at the same time.


How do you weather the storm?

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