Coaching Rather than the Couch

We help you get moving. In your mind and in your actions. We like to stay in the background: The show is yours! Because in secret, you are the one who knows best what you want and what you can do.

Our Coaching Approach

First of all: We are firmly convinced that you yourself are the expert for whatever questions you may have. That is why we view our role as a midwife for your creative solution ideas. We offer you a safe framework in which to try out and experiment with new attitudes and behaviors. We find you respectful and strength-oriented, challenging and encouraging others at the same time.

We assume that you have good reasons to see and approach things the way you have so far. And equally good reasons to do things differently in the future. We give you an opportunity to shift perspective, to take a frank look at yourself, with enlightening experiences and insights as well as decisions and concrete implementation planning. Gently, and with determination.

We consider you as a whole human being. With spirit, body, and soul.

„Everything great that ever happened in this world happened first in somebody’s imagination.“
Astrid Lindgren

Up off the couch and into the cold water!

We are particularly experienced coaches for these topics:


  • Authentic leadership and communication
  • Women in leadership
  • Resilience and dealing with change
  • Resolving conflicts
  • Finding ways out of dilemmas
  • The work-life balance and new lifestyles
  • Representing own and external interests
  • LGBT*I on the job


What does it take to get you off the couch? Write us!

In-Person Coaching

Some topics require personal contact: We will be happy to coach you in person, even in times of pandemic – with all the right precautions. There are lots of opportunities to get together. In your office or in our offices with a mask, during a stroll in the park or in some other place of your choosing.

Virtual Coaching

Across a great distance, with no risk of infection – or just as a way to save travel time: We will coach you via Zoom, Skype, etc., or even using the good old telephone. With you in your accustomed surroundings, we can help create a familiar space for you that will make it almost feel “live.” An added bonus: Appointments can usually be made here at short notice.

Coaching in the App

For continuous support in everyday work, individual inspiration, and lively interaction: We coach you using the Flourister app. With our assistance, you can set up your own learning path in the app that will then guide you through the process. In constant contact with us via chat, we will provide you with feedback and gentle nudges.

“Nothing has ever pushed me forward as gently and continuously as the combination of face-to-face coaching and the Flourister app.”

Manuela G.

“In 2020 we had to overcome some complicated hurdles in our diabetological practice.

autenticon paved the way for us to a constructive and appreciative cooperation in a pleasant and structured way of working. With the creative support of autenticon, we have managed to develop a strong sense of community as a team despite all individual peculiarities, strengths and weaknesses and to be able to show this to the outside world.

Many of our patients reflect this back to us with satisfaction.

I question the old hierarchical work patterns and look forward to other perspectives that autenticon offers me in the future.”

Barbara Sawitzky-Rose