Companion is Half the Work of Consulting

The best expert in your field is you. All we add are the little extra inspiration and knowledge you need as we confidently lead you through the process.

Our Identity

First and foremost, we consider ourselves as companions. We give your thinking a banister by opening up spaces for reflection, creating structure, providing inspiration. To give you the freedom to think freely. We are impartial all party and reflect with you on the things we observe. This can be awkward at times, as we intend to be more than an echo chamber for you. But it advances you and your organization.

If you realize that you are reaching the limits of your knowledge and abilities, we are there for you with our expertise, which is as broad as it is deep. Our goal is to see to it that you quickly no longer need us. At least not for this task.

„Thinking without a banister.“
Hannah Arendt

We assist you through

  • Process design
  • (Group) interviews with stakeholders
  • Project setup and project management
  • Co-creatively developing strategies and concepts
  • Workshops (online & offline)
  • Sparring for decision-makers and organizers
  • dialog events (online & offline)
  • Workshops in design thinking
  • Presencing according to Theory U
  • Events for large groups: Future Inquiry, World Café, Open Space, BarCamp, Unconference, and others (online & offline)

“In 2020 we had to overcome some complicated hurdles in our diabetological practice.

autenticon paved the way for us to a constructive and appreciative cooperation in a pleasant and structured way of working. With the creative support of autenticon, we have managed to develop a strong sense of community as a team despite all individual peculiarities, strengths and weaknesses and to be able to show this to the outside world.

Many of our patients reflect this back to us with satisfaction.

I question the old hierarchical work patterns and look forward to other perspectives that autenticon offers me in the future.”

Barbara Sawitzky-Rose