Conscious Leader - Lead Safely in Stormy Times

Keep your emotional composure, make powerful decisions and develop mental flexibility: With Conscious Leader you will find inner strength in the connection to yourself.

Three Big Challenges: Insecurity, Pressure and Communication Overkill

How do you lead your team in the face of the difficult sides of our everyday work life…

…with great uncertainty due to unforeseeable developments?
…with increasing pressure due to acceleration and increased work load?
…with a high need for communication and at the same time an oversupply of information?

Surely you also know the consequences for your responsibility as a leader:

– the need to make quick decisions of great importance
– the impossibility of fulfilling all tasks at a time and the necessity to constantly prioritize
– Conflicts and communication problems arising through people being under pressure
– the blurring of private and professional time
– too little opportunities for you to come to rest and sort out your thoughts

Build your leadership resilience with Conscious Leader in three steps:

1. Acceptance – 2. Resonance – 3. Performance

1. Accept Uncertainty & Focus on Opportunities

You are able to quickly perceive and accept uncertainty and the unforeseen. As a responsible leader, you can look to the future with confidence and gain the secure feeling of being able to shape it today.


Keeping your emotional composure enables you to create psychological security and nudge your team members to courageously experiment at the same time. Thus your team can develop agility as well as stability. It will become even stronger and will increase its ability to deal with unforeseen events, stress and conflicts.


You and your team members start focusing on opportunities and solutions. Creative potential is released so that you can develop the innovations today that you need to survive in the future.

2. Create the Power of Resonance & Flow

You are well connected with yourself and with your team. Through the ability to bring your team members into resonance with themselves and their teammates, you succeed in effortless leadership. At the same time you create attraction for new employees and customers.


Your team can easily keep up with high speed without losing traction. You and your team members connect with yourself, your resources and your creativity. This gives strength and also carries over long distances.


In this way, you can keep your performance at a high level in turbulent times without using up your reserves. You will notice the effect in the creative and continuous output – and in the positive atmosphere in the team.

3. Make Quick and Good Decisions & Perform

As a leader, you increasingly have to make quick and wise decisions on your own responsibility.


Conscious Leader brings you into your own center, which enables you to lead yourself and others with great security and flexibility. You can make decisions particularly well “from the gut” if you are well connected with yourself. This entails being are aware of your values and beliefs, as well. At the same time, with the right cognitive techniques, you can keep a cool head and weigh up opportunities and threats.


So you can decide quickly and wisely.


Being thus well-grounded gives you additional power for the implementation – and increases your performance.

Does Conscious Leader hit the spot of you or your leadership team? Contact us for our quick and free Conscious Leader resilience check!

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In the 15-minute check, we clarify the five most important points in an intensive discussion.

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Conscious Leader Resilience Check

1. What challenges do you require to have full leadership resilience power?


2. How well can you accept uncertainty and the unforeseen? We look at what your typical reaction patterns are.


3. How well are you connected to yourself and your colleagues? We examine your self-perception, communication patterns and value base.


4. How do you make decisions as a leader or in your leadership team? We analyze the decision-making processes and find out what exactly is blocking you.


5. We develop a 3-step plan to strengthen your leadership resilience.

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