How We Achieve Impact

Does that really work? This is a question we often ask ourselves. Many of our consulting topics involve so-called “soft” factors, but the facts they create can also be quite hard. Impact is often difficult to measure here. But these are factors you can observe or even sense for yourself.

„What is real is what has effects.“
Kurt Lewin

In our work, we combine the latest scientific findings with the systemic approach. We integrate a variety of methods and interventions from different schools of thought. The systemic triad of organization, team and person gives us structure. We also always take the setting into account: What is the context in which we are consulting here?

Based on this, we can design processes that are closely tailored to you, your organization, your goals, and your culture.

This is how we create space for creativity. So you and your colleagues can come up with surprising solutions. In the process, we always surprise ourselves, too. And we have a great deal of experience in this regard.

Facilitation and Consulting

We impartially facilitate yours and your organizations’ small and large transformation processes, delivering structure, assurance, and inspiration. When providing our expert advice on topics of people & New Work, organization & culture as well as dialog & interaction, we always assume that you are the expert best qualified to develop the most suitable solutions.


How do we assist you?

Conveying Skills

Only you can acquire the skills you need to master the challenges you face: Through recurring experimentation, experience, reflection, and adaptation. We provide you with inspiration, create safe learning spaces and assist you throughout your development process. We see ourselves as the intermediary putting you in touch with your hidden resources.


How and what do we broker?

Individual Coaching

When we coach, the room is all yours. We are traveling companions who delight like little children whenever you experience something exciting, gain a surprising insight, discover the treasure of your own strengths, or develop creative solutions. Sometimes, we are simply there. And listen.


How do we coach you?