Transforming Work Today

New Work begins not in the future, but right now. What makes it new is an expression of a primordial longing that all people have: The desire to dedicate oneself to something meaningful.

“New Work” is more than a trendy buzzword and can do more than institute flexible working hours. To us, New Work means the opportunity to develop as an individual and to participate as an entire person in the tasks at hand. Innovation can only come about where people are free to think and act, where diverse individuals working in changing roles in teams or networks find solutions together and can make full use of their potentials.

Organizations that are prepared to listen and tap people’s enthusiasm, and that manage to empower employees to act independently, will prevail. HR has evolved from a pure service provider and administrator within an organization into a strategic line of business. Value creation and customer orientation are just as applicable here as they are in other areas.

„In the future, ‘leadership’ will mean providing a secure framework that offers employees the greatest possible freedom.“
Harry Gatterer: Future Room, 2018

These are the topics that move us

  • What are the new missions for HR?
  • What role does leadership play in the new world of work?
  • What structures and processes will provide a suitable framework for New Work?
  • What can I do to ensure lasting implementation of the principles of New Work?
  • How does New Work succeed in cooperation with the social partners?How do I promote and facilitate diversity?
  • How do I strengthen my team’s resilience for times of crisis?
  • How do I become and stay attractive as an employer?