Connected Team – Strong Together Through Trust and Diversity

Do you ever wonder why some teams perform better and navigate challenges more adeptly than others? Help your team stay empowered and productive, even in difficult situations.

Resilience is a skill that only comes into view “in an emergency.” It takes a storm to show which trees are firmly rooted. And it takes a stressful situation to put resilient behavior to the test.

As such, the best time to bolster team resilience is in the midst of a storm. The good thing about this: If a team realizes that it can cope with a complex situation, it comes out stronger in the end. But even from a prophylactic point of view, it makes sense to replenish the team’s resources. Once the storm is past, you and your team can revisit the lessons learned to prepare for the challenges ahead.

What Makes Teams Resilient?

Teams are particularly resilient and able to perform even under stress if the team members…


  • feel safe in the team and can place their trust in one another and in the manager
  • are as diverse and skills-oriented as possible
  • divide up tasks and responsibilities based on strengths
  • have strong bonds with each other and interact at a high level of energy
  • have access to their own and third-party resources
  • can act flexibly, improvise and quickly adapt new behaviors
  • can communicate with one another and deal with conflicts
If you want to strengthen your team’s resilience, you can begin with the team – or with yourself.

Our Offer for Teams: Strengthening Team Resilience

Strengthening Team Resilience – Goals

A resilient team emerges not from an accumulation of individuals who are as resilient as possible, but only through the interaction between their personalities – with all the differences and diversity of their skills, their knowledge and their strategies for coping with difficult situations.


Teams also have much higher levels of interdependence than individuals or organizations do. That is what makes bonds and connections the main focus here.


Put your team members in touch with one another and with the mission they all share. This is how you grow the trust it takes to carry you further whenever things get tricky.


Connecting with one another makes you strong.

Strengthening Team Resilience – Content

  • building trust and experiencing resonance
  • discovering a shared mission and meaning
  • consciously taking a positive look
  • perceiving and appreciating the diversity of the team
  • being aware of team members’ strengths and resources
  • strengthening the ability to improvise and adapt
  • accepting crises and failures and tackling them together
  • improving the quality of shared decision-making processes
  • noticing and preserving your own boundaries
  • strengthening skills of empathy, conflict resolution and communication
“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”
Quotation attributed to Aristotle

Our Offer for Management Teams: Leading for Resilience

Leading for Resilience – Goals

In settings characterized by VUCA, one of the biggest challenges for good leadership is to strike a balance between certainty and orientation and between agile thinking and action.


Resilient managers can navigate this tension more effectively (ambiguity tolerance) while actively promoting resilience among their team members. This way, transformations can be more active and inclusive, with crises mastered confidently and a highly volatile everyday work life addressed more effectively.


Strengthen your team with secure, authentic leadership and stabilization at the level of meaning and relationships. At the same time, increase its adaptability and learning skills as you sustainably manage knowledge, skills and resources.

Leading for Resilience – Content

  • reflect on the role and attitude of resilient leadership
  • improve decision-making within the team
  • initiate and moderate iterative processes of adaptation
  • appreciate and promote diversity
  • address ambiguity and uncertainty
  • establish psychological security
  • develop the ability to reflect and empathize
  • nudge and empower employees
  • secure knowledge transfer within and beyond the team
  • develop and maintain networks

More Impact for Sustainable Learning Success with High-Performance Learning Journeys

Individual In-House Learning Journey

Both offers are designed as Learning Journeys and can be carried out as in-person/online training or using the Blended Learning approach with the Flourister app.


Part of the Learning Journey consists of a kick-off workshop, two to five impulse and reflection workshops, individual/group coaching and team supervision, as well as a final workshop to ensure knowledge transfer.


A new and special part of this is the agile approach: At the kick-off workshop, the Learning Journey is planned jointly with the (management) team and geared entirely to participants’ needs and learning objectives. The Learning Journey is therefore highly individual and tailored to the individual(s) involved. At the same time, you and your team will act together as a social unit as you strengthen one another.

Talk to us! We will gladly prepare an individual offer tailored to you and your team.


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